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    Tornado-dog will lie about someone outside to get my attention.

    My favorite burglar/guard dog example is from the TV show, It Takes a Thief (not the Robert Wagner one). The show had two ex-burglars. One contacted homeowners to set up the "theft", then they all watched live video as the other exthief broke into and burglarised the home.

    In this particular episode, called Like Mother Like Daughter, there was a single mom and her two daughters and the grandparents who had an apartment above the garage.

    The "thief" quickly found the unlocked kitchen window and climbed in. Waiting to greet him was one of the family's two dogs. This dog happily followed the thief from room to room as he tossed them and collected "the goods". In the master bedroom, the other dog greeted him happily.

    When the thief loaded up the van and got ready to leave, he called the first dog to him. The dog happily hopped in the van and they drove off in the sunset...

    They had other episodes with "guard dogs" that didn't stop them.

    My fear has always been that my pets would be hurt or killed during a burglary. I am so happy they were all with me on vacation when my house was burglarized.

    Years back, I had gone out for a bit and my sibling and her friend came to my house. My sibling climbed through my dog door, and they moved some furniture into the house and then sat on the couch watching tv with the front door wide open. I came home and asked where my dog was. They thought I had her with me. After a 10 minute search, I found her hiding between the bed and the wall. My sibling made a snarky comment about my guard dog - but it made me very happy. I would rather come home to an empty house than a dead dog.

    P.S. the dog that left with the thief was a golden retriever.
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