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Is it common to use both collar and harness at the same time? I keep an id tag on collar but don't h

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  1. Use them together

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  1. Felicia Eason

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    Collars and Harnesses

    Unsure if you use collar and harness together or separate.
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  3. Malka

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    My dogs have always worn both a collar and a harnesse. Tags are on the collar and a leash and/or tether clipped onto the harness. I have never clipped a leash or a tether onto a collar.
  4. CaroleC

    CaroleC Member

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    I think a lot depends on the individual dog. There is a big difference between a Bull breed and a Chihuahua! If your dog is very strong, you may have more control using both with a double ended lead. If your dog is biddable, a harness could be enough for general purposes. Do be careful that the harness fits correctly though, and doesn't interfere with shoulder movement, or could be backed out of.
    Personally, I only use a harness for tracking. I use fabric half-check collars for walking and training, but for safety would always have flat leather collars on them when travelling - all with tags of course.
    I think the majority of training classes would recommend using a collar once your dog had moved out of the introductory class.

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