Could you please help me decide? Questions

Discussion in 'Japanese Shiba Inu' started by Selene de Cramer, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Selene C

    Could you please help me decide?

    Hello Shiba owners!

    I really hope you guys can help me, I am a to-be a first time Shiba owner, and am looking to adopt a puppy from the relative of a friend who has 2 male puppies; but I have to pick 1! =(

    I can not meet them in person yet (Covid & they live far away), and while temperament is most important, I would like your opinions based on Shiba characteristics and coat coloring.

    I've uploaded their pics and named them Puppy 1 & 2, and while I wish I could have them both, which one would you pick if you had to?
    Thank you!
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    I really do not think that you can choose a puppy from a photograph without actually seeing it, and seeing how it reacts to you and you to it. In addition, if you did choose one from its photograph, as you cannot travel because of the virus and as at the moment nobody knows when any travel restrictions/social distancing will be relaxed, how would you get the puppy?

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