Diet for growing 8 month old Malinois (dominant breed) Mix Diet

Discussion in 'Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)' started by My Immigrant Doag, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Diet for growing 8 month old Malinois (dominant breed) Mix

    I just adopted a German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois-Austrailan Shephered mix (picture attached) . Great dog, excellent Foster Mom. Myself and the vet think the dominate bred is Malinois. By your own experience what is your dry food preference at 8 months where she is now and then onward?. Based on my own readings high protein (36-38% Crude Protein, 15-16% fat, and anything else you could suggest). I am thinking Blue Buffalo, Performatrin, or Orijen?.

    What about other minerals such as calcium, glucosamine, and taurine, and DHA for brain cell development? What levels like the raw protein and fat will my critter need?

    Any suggestions; does anyone have a go to preference based on Malinois experience? My reading suggests that good high protein will already have solid levels of Taurine. I am just about to transition her from Purina Puppy Chow she had at the Shelter in Alabama and any insight for a largely Malinois dogs would be very much appreciated

    Dry dog food only as raw is not a practical option
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