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Discussion in 'Northern Inuit Dog' started by Cheyenne, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I remember a thread on here a couple of years ago, where a Ute owner was concerned her dog might have CDRM. She wasn't going to have her tested. I believe one of the Ute organisations said in their health report that there was CDRM found in one of the lines.
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    It wasn't CDRM, I know which dog you are talking about and he didn't actually have CDRM, if he had have had it we would have had virtually every single Utonagan either affected with it or a carrier, and it hasn't happened, so it was a case of people jumping to what (for them anyway) was a very convenient conclusion. The person who it was alleged was concerned about this, when asked about it, said it was something that had been suggested to them, and they were doubtful about it as well, hence the reason for not testing as it seemed to be more a case of people wanting their dog to have it, rather than the dog actually having it
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    I understand what you are saying, but if I thought like that then I would never sell any pups! I can’t stop people from breeding anymore than I can make people look after my puppies so they are well fed, well trained and well socialised so that they are happy pups/dogs, nor can I stop people from being cruel if they wish to. All I can do is inform and screen my puppy buyers and only sell to those who I believe to be responsible caring people who will and can take care of my puppies to the standard I would like, and always take into account what is best for them and understand the risk of breeding without concern to the health of the resulting puppies.

    I do all I can to ensure the welfare and health of my puppies, and I don’t see what more I can do that I am not already doing.

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