Dog biting his tail Questions

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier' started by Bev2012, Nov 3, 2021.

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    Beverley Hutchinson

    Dog biting his tail

    Hello I have a 8 months old staffie puppy, he has started chasing and biting his tail until its bleeding. We have changed his diet and nothing stops it. We had his stomach pumped as he swallowed a sock then was fine for 6 weeks until 1 week ago and he's started again.

    Anyone know what it could be. We are desperate to no the vets have no idea.
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    1. Has your puppy been wormed recently?
    2. Have you checked him for fleas? The root of the tail is a common site, so grooming with a fine comb and checking the combings for flea dirt by putting them in contact with dampened white paper. Flea dirt contains blood which will stain the paper.
    3. Dermatitis can be a problem in Staffies - particularly in the dilute colours - especially blues. It is worth trying a grain-free sensitive food, or having a trial with just raw meat and vegetables. No manufactured treats or dental sticks!
    4. Though it is not likely in such a youngster, I would be inclined to check to see if his anal glands are full. Usually you would see the puppy bum-scooting if this was a problem.
    5. Contact dermatitis. It could be worth washing his bedding in a non-bio washing product, and checking that your carpet cleaner is not likely to irritate his tail.
    If none of these are likely, try another vet who doesn't give up as easily.
    Good luck.
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    Can you pin point anything that triggers him off or is it randomly?
    Gsds are prone to behaviors like tail chasing/paw licking.

    Kyra started chasing her tail round in circles and barking, it too a while but it became apparent it was when I answered the phone, and that she was attention seeking after trying several things the only thing that worked was shutting her in another room when on the phone.After a while it did get better and I could stop her by telling her to ‘leave’.

    It could be boredom, anxiety, or attention seeking ect:
    I would start distracting him with a toy or game when he starts chasing his tail,or put him in time out for few mins.but you have to be consistent, as it can soon become a bad habit that’s hard to stop.

    Obsessive Compulsive Behavior in Dogs - Whole Dog Journal (
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    Good advice above.

    Also, a visit with the vet to rule out another ingestion or a spinal injury wouldn't hurt.

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