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Discussion in 'St. Bernard' started by Roux, Nov 14, 2021.

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    Food container

    I need a suggestion for a super secure dog food container. We had a lid with a clasp and graduated to the Vittles Vault with the screw top. She tipped it over and pawed at it until it opened. I need a creative solution and I've asked all around. Hiding it isn't an option, the apartment is small, and all the human food has to be up or locked away.

    Background: I adopted a Saint from my neighbors. (She adopted me, kept showing up at my door) they were neglectful, would leave her tied alone for days at a time while out of town and she was constantly underweight and starving. The behavior is not surprising at all but she will stick her head in the dog food bin and eat 3 days worth like it's nothing. (I have another large dog so 2x as much as you just thought) she used to eat the cat food too, that would make her sick, it's small so I can put it up.
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    Well I googled and there doesn’t appear to be a locking dog food storage container. Maybe a locking tool box. Perhaps you can find one with dimensions that would fit the vittles vault to keep the food both fresh and secure.

    I’m glad my dogs haven’t figured out how to open their vittles vault. One of my dogs likes to follow me to the closet and watch with enthusiasm and amazement when I open it and fill the bowls.

    One of my dogs discovered that he could lift the gate to his fence off its hinges. Someone here suggested I turn the top hinge upside down, which worked great. It’s a chain link gate. After that he showed me he could open the latch with his nose. He’d watched me flip that latch 100’s, probably well over 1000 times. He never cared to let himself out until one night a dog, that I didn’t recognize, showed up in our driveway, and he ran at the gate full speed and just flipped the latch up with his nose, like he’d been doing it forever. Luckily both my dogs are so used to and comfortable in our yard that they came home pretty quick after chasing this dog out of their territory. Now I have to keep a lock on the latch so he doesn’t let himself out again

    Let us know what solution you find. Good luck
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