French bulldog - pulled patella Help!

Discussion in 'Help / Suggestions' started by Ieuan, Mar 20, 2018.

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    French bulldog - pulled patella

    Hi everyone, I have a 6 month old French bulldog bitch. I noticed a few days ago she was taking weight off her left hind and was occasionally lame. We took her to the vets and the vet says she’s pulled her patella - it’s not a serious case and she isn’t in any pain. However, she may need surgery, this isn’t a problem but where will I stand when I want to breed her? If she has surgery will I still be able to breed? Or if she doesn’t have surgery and the muscle strengthens will I be able to breed?
    In need of some advice :/
    Thank you in advance.
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    I'm sorry, but if your puppy needs surgery, I think that she should not be bred from. Patella location is a fairly common problem in French Bulldogs, and with registrations running at around 30,000 pa, it is not necessary to breed from any stock which has needed surgical correction.
    I don't know what your vet has advised, but I would be inclined to restrict your puppy's activity for at least a month - steady on-lead walking only, with no galloping or jumping, and definitely no jumping on and off furniture when in the house. If this has just been an injury, she should return to full soundness, and as long as your vet will pass her patellas as being secure, then it may still be possible to breed from her. If there is any laxity remaining in the joint, I would advise you to have her spayed.

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