Front leg limp - 1 week in Health

Discussion in 'Jack Russell Terrier' started by Rubin_James, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Front leg limp - 1 week in

    Our 5 month old JRT was chasing a frisbee about a week ago when he ran through a low spot in the yard w/o being ready for it as it was getting dark outside. I noticed it jolted him down and to the left although he did not tumble. Next morning he is limping and has been limping ever since. We go the vet tomorrow morning for inspection.
    He can bear weight pretty well and despite gently pressing and stretching the leg I have yet to see him show pain (yelp wince pull away etc). But the limp persists and it is particularly bad upon rising from a nap or after exercise. Also his ability to turn left on the run is very limited. Poor little guy has had his all-important walks cut back drastically and it is heart-breaking to see him all gimpy begging to go out. Instead we find more indoor low energy fun but its hard on him.
    Wondering if anyone has similar experience and how it all went? Obviously we'll have a diagnosis soon and a course of action to consider.
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    I once had a Cavalier bitch puppy who injured a shoulder ligament jumping off a sofa - she would have been around four months at the time. It did heal, but my vet at the time said that shoulder injuries of that type will always remain vulnerable. As my pack were a rather hectic bunch, I let her go to an elderley lady as a pet. I don't think she had any further problems, but she did lead a very sedate life.

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