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Discussion in 'Gordon Setter' started by Wyrd, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Gordon Setters- What are they like to live with?

    I've always liked Gordon Setters, but I just wondered what are they actually like to live with?

    What is their hunting drive like?

    Do they tend to have a show type and a working type, or are they more multipurpose?
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  3. rachelsetters

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    I currently live with three and 1 English Setter

    I don't find them to have a huge hunting drive - the English far more!

    Some have recall problems but I can honestly say the Gordons have very good recall for a setter.

    They will run all day but are equally happy with a 30 minute run and will settle down.

    There are some that do have a stronger working line - in both looks and drive :)

    Although those that aren't from such a strong working line still have the get up and go to do the job!

    I do agility with two of mine ! the pup is too young still.

    They are fabulous fun and very loyal ... biddable - want to please and fast learners - they need a firm but fair training method - they do have they ability to wrap you round their little finger!

    I love them and one is never enough :)

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