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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by Cumbrian Lass, Mar 11, 2006.

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    I have had Danes for 15 years and only ever lost one to bloat, which was nothing to do with her food. Since moving here I can only get completes and tin food, so I use Pedigree complete and the cheapest tins in the supermarket and they are amazingly doing great on it, even my stick insect Petal has put on weight and Oliver doesn't get his colitus anymore. Having always fed raw meat and biscuit I was worried and we brought a massive amount down with us and had to rush out and buy a second freezer to put it in.

    There are health problems in Danes but perhaps I have been lucky all these years with carefuly breeding and research of the lines.

    I wouldn't be without my big slobber gob babies.
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    Have nothing of any use to add other than I love Danes definately a breed I intend to own when I have a bigger house.

    Sorry to hear about Suki Vicki she sounds like she was a real star! Hope you dont mind me asking did the vet try attaching the stomach to a fixed structure to prevent it turning if bloat occured again or was this not a know procedure at the time?

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