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Discussion in 'West Highland White Terrier' started by fingers1954, Dec 2, 2020.

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    Dear Westie owners, I hope you can help me! My beautiful sweet Wee Bonnie Jean is a nightmare, and I'm at my wit's end! If I can't find a way to get her groomed I will get rid of her! She is nothing but knots and filthy all the time with dingleberries and shitty ass! I'm a clean freak and it's just impossible. I've tried to use little blunt-end scissors to trim her bum and she used to let me, but now goes into a vicious rage if I even try to lift her tail! We've tried 4 different groomers who say they can handle any dog. but threw up their hands in failure. Finally, we contacted a vet hospital that said they could sedate her and groom her while she's out. But the price is over $500! I refuse to pay that! So I googled if Benedryl is safe and it said it works on some dogs. So that's the next plan. She's in heat now so I'll wait until she finished, then give her 1/2 a pill. The web says 1mg per pound and the pills are 25 mg. I have a grooming arm and shaver and will set it up to hold her for the sheering if it knocks her out. I HOPE SO! Any ideas or help are more than welcome!
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