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Discussion in 'German Shorthaired Pointer' started by 2and4legsMom, Nov 19, 2019.

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    GSP pacing

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum. I adopted a GSP in July being very aware that they are high energy dogs and need exercise every day. I take him to the dog park3-4 times a week and we stay there for about an hour. and he gets an hour walk twice a week. On days I can’t take him anywhere (I’m 9 months pregnant and have a toddler) I play fetch with him inside or in the yard. he gets bones and bully sticks and cheese bones to chew to keep him busy. Even after being at the dog park and running full out for an hour we get home and he paces from window to window non stop. All day. Whining at squirrels and birds and stuff. It gets annoying. I don’t know if this is normal behavior or if he has anxiety or what. We got him from a shelter and he was 20lbs underweight but is healthy now. I let him out and he runs around the yard and then comes back inside just to go right back to the window and whine more. I have tried shutting the blinds but he just sticks his head behind them. I know these dogs have a lot of energy but is this excessive?
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    My puppy doesn't whine all day, but he runs all over most of the day. No amount of physical exercise seems to help. He killed a chipmunk and he constantly bothers my older dog so I truly think that he needs a JOB or something to do. Something strenuous that he does for a large part of the day. I am considering trying to see if I can find something else that suits him better. He seems content with running and jumping all over all day, but WE aren't. He is getting quite big and he is extremely strong and heavy footed. He nearly bowled over my mother the other day.

    He won't sleep in his crate anymore. In his defense, he is getting a bit too big for it. He whines ALL night now to get out. If let out, he bolts all over my room. He doesn't sleep much at ALL. It is all very abnormal. I have had puppies before and I am sure it is abnormal.

    My family is SURE there is something wrong with him mentally. I am beginning to think so, too. If humans can have insomnia and hyperactivity issues, then it makes sense that dogs probably can, too.

    I hate to take him to the vet and basically try to explain that he rarely sleeps and is way more hyper than I think realistic... I suspect they would tell me to train him or something.

    Without living here and seeing how ridiculously hyper he is and experiencing the terror that he is personally, it is hard to comprehend. I have been told to try CBD and anxiety drugs but I am SO hesistant to use those.

    I do feel your pain, though. I wish I had answers for you.
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    When you have a high energy dog they need to burn off both physical and mental energy. When you are playing fetch with him, try throwing in some sits, stays etc to make him think. Treat balls and puzzle toys are also a good way to engage their brain as they have to work out how to get what they want.

    I always think stays and leave are excellent ways of helping them with self-control.

    Once you have used some of his energy in this way, if he still paces, then look at other causes

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