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Discussion in 'German Wirehaired Pointer' started by peedie, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. peedie

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    GWP... who has one?!

    And what are they like? I love GWP's gorgeous gorgeous dogs. What are they like to own? What are their good/bad points? No intention of getting another dog any time soon but curious to learn about them:)
    Ooh, if you want to add photos I won't complain too much... ;)
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  3. labradork

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    I'm a big fan, too...

    I wanted one initially but when all my searching drew a blank, I got a Slovak. :)

    I think they have pretty average HPR temperaments based on what I've seen, not too dissimilar to your HWV, my Slovak, etc.
  4. Wozzy

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    I would say they are not a dog for an idle person or a person with a weak personality. They have stamina so can take any exercise you throw at them and are quite headstrong. Being headstrong coupled with the fact that they are quite an excitable breed means they have to have firm rules otherwise they walk all over you. Being a hunting dog, this can be problematic if you dont put their nose to controlled use or redirect it.

    They have a great sense of humour and love people as a rule, always want to be involved in everything you are doing. I would say they are hard work but very much worth the effort.

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