Heart murmur medications Questions

Discussion in 'Miniature Schnauzer' started by Richard Ryan, Mar 7, 2021.

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    Heart murmur medications

    We recently scheduled our Miniature Schnauzer in for a teeth cleaning but
    the vet declined advising that we would first need to have the dog take
    Vetmedin 2.5mg 1.5X and Enalapril Maleate 2.5mg 2x daily, for 6 weeks,
    then ever afterwords.

    Our dog is 9 years old but has never exhibited any signs of distress, illness
    of any kind. As my wife and I are both retired, on fixed income, the $150 month
    for these medications would be a financial hardship for us

    Question: should we give the dog the medications for the next 6 weeks, get her
    teeth cleaned then, and could we then discontinue the medication ? We've
    heard that when some medications are started you cannot then stop ? We
    do not have another vet in the area to ask for a second opinion, so we are
    hoping that someone on the forum has had a similar experience with their
    Miniature Schnauzer and can advise us on what options may be taken.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I think that your vet would not suggest using these meds if he/she didn't think they were necessary. Vetmedin is not cheap but it is a really valuable drug for reducing the grade of a heart murmur in dogs, and has really become the standard treatment. When I last had a dog on Vetmedin, I asked for a prescription which I lodged with an online pet chemist. There was a charge for the prescription, which lasted for six months supply, but the cost of the drug was only half of the price that the vet was charging.
    I think you would be wise to continue with the medication after your Mini has had his dental. If you explain your financial situation to the vet they might be able to suggest a less expensive alternative treatment.

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