Hello! Does anyone have experience with Peripheral Retinal Atrophy? Questions

Discussion in 'Shih Tzu' started by rivergal, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Allison Metzner

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with Peripheral Retinal Atrophy?

    Hi! I have a 6.5 yr old female Shih Tzu named Chloe. She is a little bit, 9lbs, but loves to walk/hike (up to 20km)

    She is super healthy, not overweight but Im suspecting she has Peripheral Retinal Disease. Over the last few months she has had trouble going up the "dog stairs" to our bed in the night when its dark. Did I mention she was very spoiled?? She has always gone up and down with no issues, but recently began whinning at the bottom to come up. Last night after listening to her whine and calling her, i turned a light on and up she came. I did a bit of googling (I know... so so bad to always believe what you read) but think that she probably has PRA. Im wondering if anyone else has a pup with this condition, how it has progressed and what they have done to improve quality of life.

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    My dog has PRA-PRCD. Confirmed by a genetic test. He's only a year old but I can tell his night vision is already starting to go. He slammed into the frame of my wide open front door a while back and he just seems sorta goofy at night. The dogs will likely adjust to the gradual sight loss on their own. I haven't had to do anything but I decided to call him more so he can get more used to following a voice.
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    You should see your vet for an accurate diagnosis of any eye condition.
    Having said that, in the1970's one of my Golden Retrievers did develop PRA. There is no cure for this condition, and as the name indicates, it is progressive. Eventually my girl did become almost completely blind - she was able to lead an fairly normal life though. She wasn't an upstairs dog, but could manage the steps that she did come across. We never changed the arrangement of our furniture, and of course she was always kept on a lead if she was not on our own land.
    She had a happy life, so don't despair.

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