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    Hello from Ky

    Hello! My name is Jennifer but you can call me Jenn! I have been in love with Goldens for a long time and boy have they taken over my life! I have 5 Goldens and 1 Doodle. All which I love very much! I also have two children, my son is 18 and my baby girl is 12, about to be 13!! I dread those teenage years, lol. I also recently started a YouTube channel for my doggos and upload videos of them every other day if you want to check it out, I will link it below! Please be gentle with me though, I am very new to the editing process and am learning as I go! I am super excited to meet everyone!!


    From left to right we have Ginger, Apollo, Copper, and Aspen

    And here we have Meka (Pup) and Kahlua (Golden Doodle)
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