Help buying GSP Introductions

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    Help buying GSP

    I am looking for a GSP started dog. Hoping to find a dog around 1.5 years old. I will also be looking for a puppy in the spring. They would be used as hunting dogs maybe (if I am lucky) 20-30 days a year.... A few 5 day trips, and a once a month game farm is the goal. The rest of the time they would be house dogs. We have 5 kids 3-13 to keep them busy. I have done a bit of research from Vislas, to Brittney's, Labs..... and have settled on the GSP.

    I have not had a dog for about 15 years.... We were concentrating on human babies, but were ready to shift gears.

    I found my self here because I am having trouble getting responses from breeders in WI. I also found groups like this can be a great resource from people with far more knowledge, and contacts....

    If anyone has any advice, or contacts of potential sellers I would appreciate it.

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