High energy/high prey drive rottie owners Questions

Discussion in 'Rottweiler' started by Bowser and Mercedes, Mar 6, 2020.

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    High energy/high prey drive rottie owners

    How many of you have high energy level rotties? My female will be 3 on march 26th and she is extreme energy to the max. As well as a very driven and determined watch/guard dog. The only time she is calm is when shes sleeping, or when she gets a brand new stuffed pig femur with peanut butter, then its private quiet time for her she decides but 90% of the time shes all go. She absolutely loves my male cane corso. They rough play constantly and wrestle until they are exhausted. Normally the rottweiler initiates the rough play first. They take turns playing the dominance role. Which is good because it shows that it's all in good fun and neither one actually is being mean to the other. I'd say a good 5 to 6 hours a day are dedicated to wrestle time for them. Outside it really gets good. Full speed sprinting after each other. Now that the corso is getting close to adulthood he is quite a bit faster than the rottie with those long legs. But he slows down on purpose so that she can catch him during play time. I have roughly 1,500 square feet of 6ft tall fenced in yard for then and they utilize all of it. No need for a roto tiller to plant seed, big dog paws at full speed do the job for free. Even though the corso matches the rottweilers energy level, hes not quite the focused determined watch dog that the rottie is. Inbetween play time she will spend hours investigating out all of the house windows. Constantly on guard watching. Shes gotten to 2 rabbits in the past that got stuck in the yard unfortunately. I felt bad for the little guys ☹ she is a tremendously well behaved dog. Loves people, tolerates other dogs, but she knows the difference between a dog and another animal, and anytime she sees a rabbit, squirrel, or even a bird, she goes into another mode. Stares quietly, gets low, and the tail stands straight up and begins to spasm. Eventually she takes off full speed in an attempt to catch the prey. But 99% of the time the animals are able to out maneuver her and all is safe (thank goodness) wanted to know if anyone else here has a rottweiler that is very mentally intuned with their prey drive side. I've attempted many times to snap her out of this while its going on, but nothing will faze her. I've held food right in front of her while she is in the blank state with the rabbits and she pushes my hand put of the way with no interest in the food whatsoever. It's like nothing in her life matter except that aninal she is stalking at the moment. Not sure if this is a bad thing or not. Just think shes very prey driven. Any other owners here have dogs with this level of commitment to what they perceive as prey?
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    I'm on my 3rd Rottie, she's 7 now, but the minute I got her as a pup, I knew she was high prey drive...unlike my other 2 Rottie's I'd had. And, at my age...late 50's when I got her, man, I wish I'd had her earlier in my life with Rottie's! But, she's been the best pup! But, she keeps me on my toes when it comes to 'prey', other dogs, and forget dog parks! She's brought me to my knees a couple times, pinch collar or not! But, great dog all around! Enjoy your pup, she'll bring you hours of entertainment and pride! ;-)

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