How to deal with Westies prey drive? Behaviour

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    How to deal with Westies prey drive?

    Hey everybody! First post ever!
    I really hope you can help me out on this one. So, a family member who is visiting me brought a few days ago a Westie puppy as a gift to me. He is adopted from a rescue. I was happy bc I has waiting for the right chance to go look for a dog but this just made it easier and I'm happy and I love him already! Yesterday when I went to get some supplies to a local pet shop and I decided to go ahead and get some stuff I wanted to buy for my hamsters. At the cash register I told my whole spontaneous puppy surprise to the guy who worked. He looked concerned after he noticed my hamster supplies. It turns out Westies have a prey drive (which is something that I would have found out if I had researched but I wasn't the one who got the puppy:/ ).
    Thankfully my hamsters are in my office in a high shelf unreachable to the puppy and I've blocked off the entire hallway so that he won't even reach that part of the apartment just in case (he's got a lot of space still). Even so, I wash my hands thoroughly every time I have contact with anything related to the hamsters because I don't want any "predatory switch" (i dunno) to turn on.
    Can someone shed some light on this behavior? If I keep the animals in these conditions will they be able to coexist apart from each other? Or is it better if I return the puppy (if it's even possible) and look for one who is easier to live with small pets?
    Thanks everyone for the help!!
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