I think I have a Hovawart Introductions

Discussion in 'Hovawart' started by zimdogg, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I think I have a Hovawart

    I'm new to this forum, and came across it today after Googling information about a new to me breed, the Hovawart. My family and I adopted a pup at 8 weeks old back in March of 2018 from a shelter, but we never knew what it was. Thanks to Cash, and other photos on Google, I'm pretty sure our pup is a Hovawart, or at least a mix with a heavy influence from the Hovawart side.

    Everyone, please meet Moose... our male Hovey (I think). His birthday was 1/24/18, so he's about 14 months today. Soon after adopting Moose we learned he has hemophilia, so we have to take some special precautions if he starts bleeding, and his joints swell easily since bruising just results in internal swelling. Overall, it doesn't bother him much, but we have to keep him from jumping off high elevations, and things like that.

    His temperament is exactly as described from everything I've read on this breed, and he looked identical to other Hovey's through the different life stages. He's a handful, guards our house, is a little strong willed, but loving and loyal. Great dog (although my wife would say otherwise lol ). He's about 80-85lbs currently. Also interesting that these breeds are fairly rare, especially here in the USA, which explains my ignorance to the breed in the first place.

    Anywhoo... kind of a fun day today learning that this may be what breed he is. Whenever someone's asked me before, I've just said, "No idea, some sort of mix". Now we know!

    k7Q8fbAl.jpg XhCk0Nyl.jpg Gu1bTvil.jpg
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    Hello, I have a black female Hovawart. Since this is not a very active forum for this breed, maybe if you're on Facebook and if you are in North America, you could join the American Hovawart Club Facebook group and repost your pictures. I had a black and gold female before and i do see a Hovi in yours but there are more experienced members in the club. Gorgeous pup!!

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