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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, May 22, 2020.

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    I thought I had lost Tikva :-O

    Tikki's tether had got twisted and tangled so I unclipped it from her harness to straighten it - and forgot to clip it on again. About half an hour later I realised that she was not in the salon, her tether was on the floor where I had left it after straightening it - and the door was open...
    ...grabbed my sticks and plonked outside calling "Tikki, Tik, Tikki" and all the while there were cars going by as people were coming home before Shabbat and I was thinking ohmyearsandwhiskers what am going to do, because I can hardly go out looking for her.
    All of a sudden a little brown dog appeared behind me, tail wagging and going [​IMG]as if to say "you called?" Bless her, she looked so puzzled as if she could not understand why I was calling her.

    Where had Tikki been? From the look of my bed when I went into the bedroom she had made herself comfy on my bed and had a nice snooze, but for a moment I honestly thought she had done a run-run although I know she would not go any further than the end of the ramp, same as she has done in the past on the rare occasion the clip has broken on her tether or, as had happened a harness broke. She would go so far and as soon as she realised she was loose she would rush back inside.

    But for the few seconds that I thought she had gone I really did panic. PHEW
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    I am glad Tikva was alright. It is a horrible feeling when they disappear from sight. So many dangers in this modern world.

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