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Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by Lunathebluefrenchie, Jan 7, 2020.

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    Infection post BOAS Surgery

    Luna had BOAS surgery on the 30th December (8 days ago) and has unfortunately picked up some form of infection in the wound site where they widened her nostrils.

    Has anyone had any experience of this? It seems to have progressed fairly quickly. When we took her home on the 30th all was fine and over the next couple of days no change but from about the 2nd to today she's lost skin around the nostril that was worst affected and this morning was bleeding from the other side and it seems the infection may have set in there as well.

    We've taken her back to the vets twice since the op and she has had her medication increased each time - she's now on her 3rd lot of antibiotics (can't remember the names off the top of my head and now at work so haven't got the packets on me) but none of these seem to be making any positive improvements.

    Any advice/reassurance that someone else has been through this will really set our minds to rest! I've googled/researched endlessly but there is no literature on this anywhere that I can find. (I studied in physiotherapy so have some understanding and literature/stats reassure me not panic)

    Thanks in advance!!

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    That really looks sore - and if Luna is now bleeding from the other nostril I would take her back to the vet asap as an emergency.

    I do hope she will be OK.

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