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Discussion in 'Whippet' started by MsMae, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Is a Whippet a good apartment dog?

    I am considering getting a Whippet dog. I am single and live in a city apartment. ( no yard )

    As long as he was walked adequately, would Whippets be comfortable in a small apartment?

    Also, do they howl/bark when left alone? or destroy furniture?
    ( I would only be gone for a few hours each day for work. The rest of the time I am a homebody).

    And lastly, do Whippets get along with cats or smaller dogs? (as long as they are introduced & raised together early on)

    Please share any specific Whippet info., tips or experiences.

    I would appreciate it!

    Thank you! ~ A ~ :)
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  3. Insomnia

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    Whippets can be good apartment dogs, they're fairly small and not as active indoors as some breeds. As for getting on with small dogs, etc and not barking or chewing, that will be down to the personality and upbringing of the dog itself.
    Are there any Whippet breeders or rescues you're in contact with? They may be able to help you with more specifics :)
  4. labradork

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    Were you interested in getting a puppy or adult? are you on the ground floor or up stairs? toilet training a puppy can be very difficult if you don't have access to a garden, more so if you are not on the ground floor and can't whisk the pup out ASAP.

    An adult dog Whippet should be ok provided it is exercised, stimulated and taken out to toilet multiple times per day. A girl I know has two Whippets in a flat and they are fine.

    Barking/howling when left alone and destroying the furniture will depend on the dog I am afraid. However, if you manage a dog correctly, there should be no need for them to destroy furniture. Likewise if you slowly acclimatize them to being left for short periods there should be no need for them to bark the place down (although it doesn't always work out like that).
  5. labradork

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    If this is your first dog, have you considered the impact the dog will have on you? it is very much do-able having a dog in an apartment but you need to be very dedicated to make it work. You can't just chuck the dog into the garden, you have to physically go out with it each time.

    Are you prepared to get up early in the morning for the next 12+ years? you won't get a chance to lie in as taking the dog out to toilet first thing will be your priority. Likewise with late night toilet trips -- are you happy taking the dog out late at night on your own?

    Are you prepared to deal with potential messes all over your apartment if your dog gets sick? cleaning up poo and vomit at 3am will become a reality at some point.

    Are you prepared to make this dog the number one priority in your life? they are not pets like any other and they really do dictate your life and how you spend your time.
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  7. nddogs

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    Ok I can't speak for all whippets but this is my experience of them:
    Our whippet will chew things and will whine if left on his own but not when he's with other dogs.
    His body shape means he sometimes wees over the bottom of his front legs and part of the underside of his chest not a big problem but not the nicest thing (just thought Id mention since I don't think I've seen anyone else say the same on here about male whippets (?) or maybe it's just him but think it's kind of worth knowing since they love curling up next to you)
    If left alone in the living room (normally leave him in the kitchen when out) he used to move large sofa seat cushions and carpet tiles leave the living room in a right mess!
    He will find biscuits left in coat pockets and pull coats off hooks to eat them (so have moved the coats!)
    Most of the whippets I've seen look as though they have the same mischievous streak and the owners I've met have said things along the same lines. One owner had a lurcher previously and could not believe the difference the lurcher was a calm and caused very little trouble the whippet... very sneaky getting her little nose into all sorts of mischief. So from my experience so far most seem to be characters which makes them quite entertaining pets but still love to sleep in a warm comfy places :grin:
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck

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