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Discussion in 'German Shepherd Dog' started by Boulevard, Sep 11, 2021.


GSDxBelgian Mal?

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  1. Boulevard

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    Is she a pure GSD?

    I rescued my 11mo old puppy 3 days ago.
    I am pretty sure she is GSD but can she be a mix of something else too? Someone mentioned she could be a Belgian Mal mix. She has a lean body and a long tail. Not sure if she is too thin or that is her natural stature. Her coat on back is mixture of black and brown. Upon further examination, just the tip of the coat is black and inside all brown.
    Oh and people sometimes ask if she is a Belgian Mal when we take a walk. I dont have much knowledge of this breed so I am surprised when I get this question because I thought she just looked like a GSD.
    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  3. GsdSlave

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    There was a similar post a few weeks back, same question same breeds.
    From the pictures she looks like a 'patterned sable’ gsd.
    If you really want to know for sure, DNA testing is the way to go.

    Purebred or not, she is very pretty.

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