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Discussion in 'Lancashire Heeler' started by Eileen Hogue, Aug 8, 2021.

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    Thank you. I adore him. We’re working on walking more every day to make sure he’s not unhealthy. He’s 10 months so he’s still kinda young.
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    I love doing the dna. I did it with my prior two dogs and it was surprising.

    I got Moose-dog at 8 weeks and the litter was thought to be shepherd/rottie mixes. He grew up to be tall, long legged and very narrow, so I figured the rottie must have been dobie. He ended up a shepherd/poodle/newfie.

    His sister came at four months and we simply figured shepherd mix. As I got to know her, I saw traits that pointed to possibly chow or shar pei, beagle, boxer, or corgi. She end up all of those plus german shorthair. I never did see any signs of the shorthair.

    My current Tornado-dog was guessed to be border collie mix at 8 weeks. I immediately thought JRT but big. His dna came out as Parsons Russell (aka JRT) with a bit of smooth collie, shih tsu and peke. In reality, he is all JRt with the size of a collie. The shih tsu and peke are no where to be found... Although one of his siblings had the longer coat and coloring of a peke. Cat-dog is pure shepherd and a perfect one at that. :)
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    Two or three years ago when I took Rosie to the vet she weighed her, looked at the weight chart for Border Terriers and told me she was overweight and needed to diet.

    Then she examined her and said 'scratch that, she's well muscled and clearly gets plenty of exercise. I can feel her ribs so carry on as you are'.

    Plenty of vets would have stuck to the original advice because the chart said so. I wouldn't have followed it mind :)

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