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Discussion in 'West Highland White Terrier' started by WilliamH4, Jun 5, 2020.

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    Licking Paws

    Good afternoon. I'm guessing my answer is in here somewhere, but thought it would be easier to ask anyway. I have a rescue Westie. Vet thinks she's about 13 years old. We've had her for about 13 months. When we adopted her, she was in terrible shape. She was missing a lot of fur (from skin condition/infection), malnourished, ear infection, needed a couple of teeth pulled. I think there was more but those were some of the bigger issues. She has recovered VERY well from all that. However, she's licking her paws a lot. It seems to have gotten worse since the warmer weather has arrived. We have tried dog food with limited ingredients, she is currently getting a Cytopoint shot once a month. I bathe her no less than 3 every 3 days to avoid the skin condition where she loses fur (forgot the diagnosis). I've run all this past my vet and she has made suggestions, however none of the suggestions are working for the paw licking. I thought I should run this by some other Westie owners to see if there were any similar experiences.
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