Lifting back right leg Questions

Discussion in 'Pomeranian' started by minkpom, Aug 23, 2022.

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    Lifting back right leg

    Hello! This is my first post and my Pomeranian's name is Minkie and she is a 6 year old female.

    2.5 weeks ago Minkie at the park lifted her right rear leg up and wouldn't really put it down and started limping out of no where. We took her to the vet that day and after a checkup the vet said she couldn't find anything wrong but recommended we get a x-ray if things don't get better and sent us off with Meloxicam.

    Now that it has been 2.5 weeks, I would say it has gotten better but definitely not 100% and doesn't really seem like there will be much progress from here on? (though only time would tell). From doing research on the internet one would think its CCL/ACL?

    Has anyone experienced something like this? From researching on the internet I don't think small dogs (Minkie is 9lbs) gets ccl/acl surgery. Do I just wait longer (some articles say 3-6 weeks) or are there any other recommendations? Don't want to rush to the vet and end up getting surgery or something like that...Other than the lifting leg and limping, she is acting completely normal. She walks on it like 2 or 3 steps then lifts it up and walks on 3 legs, when she is standing up, she either brings the leg up or puts pressure on it very lightly.

    Any recommendation or input will be greatly appreciated it! Thank you in advance!!
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    If she were mine, I'd talk it over again with her vet. I think I'd also opt for the x-ray to rule out any possibility of fracture

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