Malinois Coloration and Markings Questions

Discussion in 'Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)' started by desertrat105, May 11, 2018.

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    Malinois Coloration and Markings

    I recently got my first Malinois. He's 4 months old and so far has great temperament and drive. The sire was AKC registered but the dam was not. He has a few white markings that I'm not worried about but just curious what the experienced folks here think about them on a Malinois. He has a white patch on his chest which isnt that uncommom but he also has one on his lower front leg which I have never seen before. Is this normal or have you seen it before? The puppy "Oliver" is in the first picture and the one with the ball in his month. I also will include pictures of the dam and sire. The sire is seated with the k9 vest and the sire is the one standing with puppies. Dam left sire right in the last picture. Snapchat-1746001821.jpg 1526008518222_image3.jpeg 0510181405a.jpg 1525216440604_image1.jpeg 1526008499065_image1.jpeg
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    Lovely photos. They are a smart breed, in all senses.
    I'm no expert, but would imagine that the dam is not quite 100% Malinois. Can I see some roaning in her coat? Your puppy's leg marking reminds me of the way that the merle gene can show in otherwise heavily marked collies. Nothing to affect working ability, but a Wisdom Panel DNA test might be interesting! If you ever fancy doing one, do let us know the result.
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    Its not unusual for Gsd’s to have small white patches on chest and toes, most times it fades and blends in when they mature.
    It is known as 'the white spotting gene.' Most commonly causes white toes or paws and white patches on the chest, but can actually show up almost anywhere on the dog.
    S Locus (White Spotting, Parti, or Piebald)

    As the dam is not AKC registered, it’s also possible she may be from Dutch KNPV lines hence where the white has come from.

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