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Discussion in 'Manchester Terrier' started by KLY, Dec 6, 2008.

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    I have always considered myself a large breed person but I find myself extremely interested in Manchesters. Anyone have any experience please?
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  3. inkliveeva

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    Manchester Terriers,lovely wee dogs, theres one lives next to us, commonly known as minature dobermans lolll ! x
  4. megsmum

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    I've just seen your message regarding Manchester terriers. I rehomed a 3yr old male called Dodger (Browdel Black Muskateer) through the British Manchester terrier club in May this year. He is absolutely adorable and although he is a typical stubborn terrier at times he is coming on well at training. I am hoping that he is able to follow in the footsteps of my 7yr old crossbreed and have a sucessful agility career but at the moment he is still learning. However, I have been entering him in breed shows and he has done pretty well so far! (Got a reserve best of breed today so really happy) If you are still interested in a manchester have a look at the British Manchester terrier website where there is lots of info- but be warned once you read up on this breed and meet some of these little characters you will be hooked! :roll:

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