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Discussion in 'Irish Wolfhound' started by Flossisboss, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Mating issue

    I'm trying to mate my 5yo male with my 2.5yo female. The male and female are both willing, the female is revealing her tail and the male is mounting her. This is day 9 or 10.

    The problem is the male is not penetrating her and there is no tie. He is very, very close but it always seems that he's always thrusting in an arc that ends just outside her vulva. I can see his penis and I have seen him ejaculate a couple of seconds after dismounting so there doesn't seem to be any physical problem. I have kept the female very still and I've tried putting them at different vertical heights, to no avail. The male takes any physical intervention towards him (tried giving him a push forward) as a signal to stop what he's doing.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears!
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    Is this a proven sire, or are they both maidens?
    Do you have someone to help to achieve a mating? These are large dogs, and you really need one person to steady and support the bitch, and ideally an experienced stud handler to manage and guide the dog. When the dogs normally live together, they can be reluctant to do the whole deed.
    Are you sure she is ready? The modern method is to progesterone test the bitch as a guide to ovulation. In my day we just behaviour tested them from the time they stopped showing colour, and the vulva became relaxed. I can't remember having mated a bitch before her tenth day, and unless she has unusual seasons, or you missed the first couple of days of her heat, my guess would be that you are still too early.

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