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Discussion in 'German Shorthaired Pointer' started by Brianborus, Feb 16, 2021.

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    Morning Shivers

    We have had Bruce in the family for 2 years now. It is not the cold, as the weather is quite mild here. I have had him to the vet on various occasions. Always a struggle. Being a strong dog, two hardly manage to hold him down, especially for his vaccines. I have discussed the issue with the vet. One time he gave me natural ingredient drops to add with his meals, but it did not calm him. The vet advised that dogs take a long while to adapt and it is normal for anxiety and stress to remain embedded with them for quite a while. During the day there is always someone at the house as he is a velclor dog and requires company which we love and adapted having 'the bad boy in the house'.

    The bothering issue is in the morning. As soon as he wakes up, he shivers and you notice a sense of being afraid. On weekends when I am at home and he knows that he is about to go out for his morning walk, the shivering stops and he is back to his usual jumping and all fired up to go out. I am sharing this with you as I would like to know if any of you guys experience something similar to this morning episode. Apart from this, he is as healthy as anything and always energic and seems to have a mind probably one step ahead of ours. Thanks for any feedback.
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