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Discussion in 'Dogue de Bordeaux' started by TabithaJ, Aug 14, 2011.

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    My Close Encounter with a Dogue de Bordeaux

    I think this is the right breed section, apologies if not!

    Anyway, yesterday morning I had to pop to our local shops very early. While I was in the queue to pay, I happened to glance out the open shop door, and saw a bloke leading a very large, beautiful dog over to a lamp post where he then tied the lead. The dog was a sort of tan, mahogany colour - absolutely stunning!

    I was pretty sure it was a dog I have glimpsed in the distance a few times when out walking Dexter. The bloke left the dog and went into a shop. I couldn't resist - I left my things in the queue and went outside to see if the dog was friendly...

    Close up, I recognised the dog as a Dogue de Bordeaux. As soon as I approached and spoke, the dog turned towards me and you should have seen his tail, it reminded me of Dexter's it was wagging so fast :mrgreen:

    So I got to spend the next ten minutes sitting and hugging this stunning Dogue de Bordeaux - what a treat!

    I know that one probably should not approach 'strange' dogs but I really could not resist...:mrgreen:

    He is the second of this breed that I have met; the other one was far, far heavier, this one was actually quite slim, I thought.

    Gorgeous, aren't they?
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  3. WhichPets

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    Lovely dogs :)
    I see quite a few round here.

    One person has recently bred theirs.. not quality breeding I'm sure but I'm sure I'll see some squishy pups around soon!
  4. Murf

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    Might of been young ,he may fill out ..
    Did you get drowled on much .lol
    ps,they are from the working group..
  5. Jugsmalone


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    I seen one yesterday when out walking with my two. He was a bit weary of Buster I think because of similar weight and height and Buster was weary of him too.

    Beautiful dog though. :grin:
  6. Velvetboxers

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    Think theyre gorgeous, sadly too many end up in rescue...

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