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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Malka, Jun 28, 2020.

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    My Premium Bond number came up!

    Back in the day when you could buy just one at £1 each, I bought one. A few years later I bought five. And once, just once, decades ago, one of them came up and I won the grand sum of £25. Well, it was a lot of money in those days.

    And then I forgot all about them.

    This morning Karin popped in on her way to the macolet [she is a young girl who works there a few hours a week] to ask if I wanted anything, took my keys and checked my mailbox, which was stuffed chokka to overflowing, and brought over what seemed like a good few months worth of mail. One of which had a Sunderland return address printed on the back. Sunderland? :017: What or who could it be from Sunderland :017:
    So I had a think and :115:

    Could it be?

    Is it?

    Dare I open it?

    Shall I have a look?

    So I did and inside was an orangey/yellow slip of paper saying "You've won!" and a cheque! :026:

    But :022: by the time my bank converts the £ amount into ₪ and deducts their charge for the transaction, the £25 I have won again will not really be worth very much this time!

    I think I might treat myself to another tub of icecream! :044:
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  3. CaroleC

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    Well done! Not bad from a single bond. It will be interesting to see how much there is left after your deductions.
  4. Chris

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    Ah well, at least you won - if only enough for that tub of ice cream :)

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