My Samoyed injured another dog Behaviour

Discussion in 'Samoyed' started by KarinaNicole, Jul 5, 2017.

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    My Samoyed injured another dog

    Hi everyone! This is my Samoyed, Casper. We live in the Philippines.

    We need your advice and would like to ask if you have any experiences with aggressive samoyeds?

    Casper recently had an encounter with a dog which ended in him being in a fight with a new dog. It is the first time this happened since we got him 1.2 years ago. This new dog attacked him a few months ago when he escaped from his owner and my brother got scratched in the process of separating them. Normally Casper is a very friendly dog and socializes well with other dogs. Casper goes to doggy day care and has been trained in basic obedience. Hope you can help us out if we're missing anything here or should do something about it.
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