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Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terrier' started by Claire1998, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Need some new tips

    hi everyone
    I’m just wanting to know if anyone has any tips on how to stop your dog chewing stuff.
    She has loads of toys but she will only play with them the odd time. She has a sock and plays with it more than she does her toys. The sock is the only thing that she has had for months because she ruins all her toys lol
    The sock is her favourite.
    When we are busy say making dinner or doing other stuff and she’s not getting much attention at the time she will go and lift something of ours to carry on with and play. It’s so funny but it needs to stop lol.
    When we got her she was just about to turn one, we had just decorated the kitchen and I left her inside one day because I didn’t want to leave her out in the rain when we went to work and came home and she had some of the wall paper chewed off the wall, she still chews shoes and just grabs anything she see lying lol. Could she still be teething? She is now about to turn two in July.
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    I would definitely not leave stuff lying around, shoes, shorts, socks, anything that isn’t a toy make sure is put away. Set her up for success. As far as walls, if I see my puppy chewed on the base board I would spray it with bitter apple spray, same with dog beds and the ends of the couch, or whatever is unmovable and he likes to chew on. You can also rub those types of surfaces with vinegar, ( not fabrics though) I also stock up on bones the dogs love, like billy sticks. If you can get marrow bones from your butcher you can get those too, dogs love them and will keep them busy forever and you can later fill the insides with peanut butter or something.

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