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Discussion in 'Chinese Crested' started by Rebekah, Jun 20, 2019.

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    New Chinese Crested Owner!

    Hi all.

    I’m fairly new in owning a beautiful Chinese crested pup. Trying to seek advice on my boy with his itching.
    I’ve taken him to the vets regarding this, he’s a little nibbler and itcher of his arms/legs(on the inside) and scratches the back of his neck till it bleeds. Some days are better than others of course but I’m worried all the time and constantly on edge watching him trying to get him to stop. When he’s in this mood there’s no telling him. Vets gave him a steroid injection which worked great for a few days. All symptoms still there just not as sever. Also a course of anti biotics. Vet seemed to think he was okay but since this has all warn off he’s seen to of gotten worse. The Vet also advised just to give him over the counter hay fever pills.
    Am I crazy in thinking there’s more to it than this? And any advice on how I can ease the itching or the nibbling would be brilliant. Any advice in general, I’ll take what I can get. Also can any of you answer my question please? What’s the best harness for him that’s not going to rub or irritate his chest in anyway but stop the pulling?
    Thank you
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    Sounds like it may be a food allergy. Chicken is a very common allergen in dogs, among other things. I’d suggest putting him on a LID (limited ingredient diet). It can take a month or longer for whatever he may be allergic too to leave his body, so even if you find the right food he could remain itchy for awhile.

    I use easy walk harness’s from Pet Safe for my Akitas, they are a “no pull” harness. You still have to work with the dog on it though, it will help some but it’s not magic.

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