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Discussion in 'German Shorthaired Pointer' started by David Alan Goren, Jul 21, 2019.

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    New GSP 8-Week Old, Wife Discouraged

    Hi, after 30 years of cocker spaniels, I convinced my wife to try a new breed. We've seen many videos on GSPs. We know that they will need to be exercised a lot every day. Right now, we've only had him for three days. He is learning fast. I have taught him to sit in two days and he is beginning to ring the bells at the front door, to go outside, although he is still having accidents. He will get there. 3 DAYS! My wife, however, is discouraged because he seems independent and doesn't want to run into her arms like some other puppies. I find him very sweet and playful, and while we're not hunters, I plan on taking him to the river near our home in Atlanta, where there is a great dog area, as soon as he is 16 weeks and has all his shots. I'll be having him swim, hike and run as much as he wants to. I just don't know how to keep my wife encouraged. I think she needs to give him a chance! Are GSPs more independent than other breeds? I WANT him to have some independence, but he licks my face, wags his tail, and seems very, very happy to be with us. Maybe my wife just needs more time.
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    Remember his whole world has suddenly changed, in a strange place with people he doesn’t know and on his own away from his littermates and familiar surroundings.
    No matter the breed all puppies are individuals, its early days yet, but it would help if your wife does an equal part in training/ feeding /playing ect:
    That said, it is pretty common for them to have a favorite person.

    Heiko was supposed to be my dog but there is no question that he is a ‘daddy’s boy’ but I still love him and walk/train /play with him.

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