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Discussion in 'Irish Wolfhound' started by 1shepherd1, Apr 26, 2018.

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    New here

    what a nice forum. Bear with me as I learn to navigate. I am considering an IW x Great Pyrenees pup. I want to use him as a livestock guardian. He has passed tests with goats and seems to be a calm dog. Any opinions? (He will have experienced dogs to coach him)
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    I really don't know whether an IWH x PMD would make a suitable livestock dog. Hip problems do occur in both of these breeds, so I would be cautious if you will be expecting the dog to cover long distances. If you do go ahead, I would be interested to hear how his training progresses. Although a traditionally appropriate breed is likely to have a natural aptitude for the job, I'm sure that many breeds and mixes can be taught to carry out some kind of work.

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