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Discussion in 'Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)' started by ClarksMom, Nov 11, 2012.

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    New Miniature Dachshund Owner Help!

    I have always wanted a mini dachshund and finally got one 6 days ago. He is a long hair chocolate with tan tips. He has stolen my heart and I want to give him the very best! My boy will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I have never had a puppy before so this is all new to me. I am currently feeding him Eagle Pack dog food because that's what the breeder was feeding him. Is there a better food or diet I should be feeding him? Also he knows how to potty on a potty mat but will poop wherever he pleases and will not go outside no matter how long we are out there. Any tips or suggestions? I bought him a plastic crate and put a puppy bed inside of it with blankets and toys for when I must go to work but he cries and barks for hours so I have been paying my brother in law to come sit with him while I'm at work. But I can't do that forever. Also he will not sleep in his crate at night. He will reach his little legs up on my mattress and cry until I pick him up and he will curl up next to me and fall asleep. Also this little guy is chewing on everything from clothes to furniture to the carpet. I tell him no spray the area with a sour apple taste deterrent spray and give him a toy but he is more interested in the ottoman than a toy. I absolutely love my little man Clark but I could really use some advice from other Dachshund owners. Thank you so much!
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    Sounds typical puppy to me x
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    I've owned Daxies for 25 years...they are a wonderful breed but can be slow to housetrain. Persevere with frequent trips the garden and he will get the idea eventually. He's still VERY young and it will take some while yet. Be kind and patient with him, he will get the message eventually. Keep him on the food he has been used to until he is a little older or he may well get an upset tummy. Good luck with your gorgeous new baby.x
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    my wife and i also had a devil of a time housetraining our new mini dachshund puppy "Brena". she finally caught onto it but it took a great deal of work! even now at around 5 months old she still sometimes makes mistakes in the house. the key was persistance.every time she finishes a meal or finishes playing or napping out she goes! we tried puppy pads but she never used them. taking her out was the best thing to do.

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