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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog' started by MaKayla, Nov 18, 2019.

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    New Mom, Need Advice!

    Hi everyone!

    In August, my boyfriend and I brought home a perfect 12-week-old Berner puppy, Benny! He's at school with me and everything has been going great until about two weeks ago..

    Benny started teething around the end of September. About 2 weeks ago: he stopped eating his food, had awful diarrhea almost every hour, but would still drink water normally. Benny was still running around and acting normally except for eating and defecating. I spoke with an emergency vet on day 3 over the phone (the closest was an hour and a half away) and we decided I should bring him in first thing in the morning. Well, that next morning everything was fine. We chalked it up to a cold and/or teething.

    Fast forward to three days ago, Benny and I were on our way to my cabin which is an hour and a half away. He pooped all over the backseat of my car, went again as soon as we got out of the car, and then had another accident in his crate when I left for an hour to grab dinner. Yesterday, he had loose, runny stool every hour, and again today. His normal vet opens at 7:30am and I plan to get him in as soon as I can.

    He's currently on Iams Proactive Health Lamb and Rice Adult; his vet recommended we take him off of puppy food ASAP. Benny doesn't receive table scraps, I haven't changed his food at all, and his treats are the same as when we brought him home. I was warned that Bernese Mountain Dogs have a "sensitive stomach," but we were doing so well. Any advice?
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    Has he been cleared of all parasites? Not just worms. Giardia, coccidia, etc can cause major puppy problems if undetected. A horrible case of coccidia kicked my puppy's BUTT. The explosive diarrhea every hour was horrible. Thank the world he could tell me he needed to go. I got it treated (needed a lotta meds), but afterwards he was fine. No more booty water at all.
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    How many times a day do you feed him?
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    Have you tried any probiotic and kaolin remedies for your puppy? There is a syringe - type first line product called ProKoln+ which is often prescribed in the UK. There often can be a micro parasitic problem, as @Malka has suggested, when puppies have a less than ideal start. I had a similar problem with my elder Beagle when he was a puppy - he was a rescue, but had been puppy farm bred. Don't forget to take a poo sample with you when you visit the vet.

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