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Discussion in 'Schnauzer' started by Abby Kahn, May 5, 2018.

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    New puppy in the house!!

    Help! Buddy is my 5th. mini schnauzer and 1st. not socialized one!! He is 9 years old, black and silver and I just adore him......We just got a female Lab puppy, and of course first day he bit her.
    it has been three weeks, he watches her through her gate........what can I do to start socializing him with her.......when I bought him home my Willie age 7 at the time was very tolerant of him, but they really never bonded.... Buddy always wanted to be the alpha dog.........He is just a stubborn mini....
    I know he will have fun once he gets to know the puppy. We do have a trainer coming in three weeks, when she will be 14 weeks......I am very frustrated and make darn sure Buddy knows he is the most important in my life.
    So happy I finally found a forum where I can post, read other posts, and learn more.....thank you :)
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  3. CaroleC

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    Hi Abby, welcome to the forum. Photos are very welcome on here.
    Sorry your two haven't hit it off yet. It can take a little time, my two had a very scary food fight the first week, but they are the best of friends now.
  4. My bear Yoji

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    I’m guessing it will just take time and patience.
    Your 9 year old has been enjoying a quiet life and then all of a sudden a puppy is thrown into the mix.
    You are doing the right thing by having the facility to separate them when needed.
    Walking them on leads out and about is a great way to get them used to each other.
    Pay particular attention with toys and food, they can both create nasty fights
    Photos would be great and if you can let us all know what your trainer advises, it will help us all understand
    You have done the right thing by asking for advise
    It’s a shame it not the start you were hoping for
  5. Malka

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    Hello Abby - welcome to Breedia from Tikva and from me. :039:

    I am afraid that I cannot help you as I have never had either breed. When I brought Pereg home, Lexi just accepted her as she was small and young, and Lexi was older and a very placid girl [both being mutts of no known origin].

    Having lost both Lexi and Pereg, Tikki Tikva came home to being an only puppy, and she will be the last one to share my life.

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