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Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by Kiemck, Mar 10, 2019.

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    Newbie and first time owner

    Hey guys :)

    To introduce myself and my pooch, my name is Kieran and Hugo is a 2 year old french bulldog. He is 5 generation pedigree and a lovely dog.

    Me and my girlfriend have adopted him as his former owner didn’t have the time or suitable living arrangements. We just wanted to give Hugo a better quality of life and ensure he was as happy and content as can be.

    I spent countless time researching the breed before I committed.

    Hugo is trained although it appears to be at a basic level. We were told he’s very chilled out but he has been anything but that, he follows us everywhere and insists on being petted constantly. I’m guessing it could be a change of environment even though we have tried to keep it as calm as possible.

    Does anyone have any advice or tips for someone taking on a dog like Hugo at 2 years old? We just want to make it as easy as I can for him. I plan to organise further training for Hugo soon.

    Advice or criticism welcome, I just want to learn.

    Here is a picture of Hugo:

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    Hugo is lovely, welcome to the forum.
    It can take a while for a dog to feel completely relaxed when moved to a new environment. I wouldn't fret too much about it, he has a lot of new experiences to adapt to and is probably doing his best to learn about you and your routine. My best tip would be lots of play to help build a solid bond with him, and to not do much more than his basic training until he is settled and responding to you in a relaxed and happy manner.
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    Hello and welcome. Frenchies can be a stubborn and needy, but with the correct training and patience they are also very loyal and funny characters. Short repetitive training has always worked best for me, not to overwhelm and confuse them. If mine is playing up (barking and running round like a mental case) I shout something loud and clap my hands together to snap him out of his behaviour, stand up, face the wall with my arms crossed and not engage until he stops. Then sit back down without making eye contact or addressing him until he is completely calm, to show him I don't approve, with lots of praise when he stops. Or take him out of the room for 30 seconds, then let him back in (if I can catch the little sod!) Plus with plenty of excerise and mental stimulation it should (hopefully) curb any unruly behaviour!
    Hope this helps somewhat?
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    First let me start by saying Hugo is a very handsome little man indeed

    As for training i echo what bronson has said above short (repdedative) training sessions definately and just bare in mind is a stubborn breed but you will get there also what did you want to train him as you stated he only has basic training , dont be alarmed my little man follows us everywhere and is all for cuddles but has been like a baby since we brought him home lol so his previous owner may well have babied him also,

    I will say he does have the every other day crazy half hour running around like a lemon but hear this is common if your arent a fan of him constantly up wanting to be petted on sofa etc just perservere and keep taking him back to his bed if you have one in living room as we have ours near our sofa , im currently trying to stop my one from jumping on our bed at night to sleep with us and repetition does pay off.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress

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