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Discussion in 'Shetland Sheepdog' started by jessabella, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. jessabella

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    Newbie, considering a rough collie or sheltie

    Hi There,

    Another Newbie here.
    So at the moment, we have a chihuahua x pomeranian called Dudley, we got him as a rescue, he had obviously encountered some trauma in his early life :x. when he first came to us, he was a terribly nervous/aggressive wreck. Now, 10 years on, he is almost sane!
    So I am hoping to get a rough collie sometime this year, (probably in the later half). I am looking at rough collies and Shelties and, apart from the obvious side and appearance differences, I am wondering how the temperament of the Sheltie compares to that of the rough collie? Also, does anyone have any experience or photies of either of these dogs which they would like to pass on?

    I will post up some pics of Dudley too when I figue out how :)

    Jess x
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  3. labradork

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    Hi there, welcome.

    A friend of my mums has a Rough Collie. He is a nice dog. I find him a bit aloof (more so as he has got older) but there is not nasty bone in his body. On the negative side, he is as stubborn as a mule and unfortunately is a car chaser. I have been told that was he was difficult to train and, I quote, is "No Lassie!".
  4. youngstevie


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    Hi, two breeds I love myself.

    I agree with labradork in the fact that I had a friend who owned rough's and they can be aloof although not with her, so I darsay that was fine with her.
    One of hers seems very stubbord, the other very intelligent (although brother and sister) I do believe they have health issues, but I am sure you can google those that you need to look for.

    Shelties another breed I love, unfortunately I only know what I have read and googled, so not real advice there, but the ones I have met on our travels seem to be steady characters.

    Hopefully someone on here can tell you more as I do believe there are members of both breeds, good luck with your choice xxx
  5. JoedeeUK

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    I've friends with both breeds & I must say the Shelties are much healthier.

    Both breeds should only be bred from DNA tested normal or carrier for CEA & at worst only one parent should a be a carrier the other must be normal.

    Rough collies should also be hip scored & IMHO so should the Shelties. & also Clinically tested for PRA

    Both should also be DNA tested for the MDR-1 mutation

    All this is before breeding of course, which means the youngest a dog(or bitch) should be bred from is 2 years of age.

    Unfortunately even the best breeders in both breeds are somewhat reluctant to health screen their breeding dogs
  6. Ben Mcfuzzylugs

    Ben Mcfuzzylugs

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    I know some people with shelties
    Lovely smart little things, dainty and funny
    although they can be a little vocal. If you are going for one I would recomend training classes or something - they are smart and like work to do, fantastic at HWTM and good small agility dogs
  7. jessabella

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    Aww thanks guys, thats all really helpful info.
    I understand the difficulties in getting a dog from a breeder and i'm also having difficulty in understanding where to find a sound, ethical one. But i guess this is the challenge!
    I am definately looking at taking part in training classes too, and will be living on a farm with it so lots of stimulation.
    Just from what I have seen, the collies look more laid-back, but it's a really difficult choice as they both seem to be beautiful dogs and I get butterflies every time a look at a photo of them! x
  8. phil2009

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    Hi jessabella welcome.

    I have I have collie’s (Pheobe) she’s black & white. She is 1 year 3 months old and we love her to bits best dog we have ever had and wouldn’t change her for the world. She’s the one on my profile pic. She was our first collie we have ever owned and we love collies now so much we have just got a second one witch is only 8 weeks old (Mona) she’s brown & white. Regarding collies chasing cars from what I ‘v read in books it happens if the dog is bored or not getting enough exercise or stimulation. I don’t know any thing about sheltie’s so I can’t help you one that one sorry. But our phoebe is very laid-back you could hang her on a washing line and she would still go to sleep and not care. lol WE HAVENT TRIED THAT THO lol. :)
  9. jessabella

    jessabella New Member

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    Aww bless :)
    All I've heard about this breed is fantastic and my heart has settled on the rough collie, I think it'll be a tri-colour.
    I've found a breeder which sound fab, and will be visiting in May time!
    I'll keep you all posted, thanks so much everyone for all the advice! :grin:

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