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Discussion in 'Crossbreeds Forum' started by Malka, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Oh the joy, oh the ecstasy

    Tikva alerted me that a car had parked outside earlier, then rushed out squealing and dancing on her hind legs because it was Ram! He just popped in to weigh Tikva and give her the three-monthly Parkworm shot, clipped her claws, checked her teeth, ears etc, left a Drontal Plus and Bravecto tablets for me to give her, and oh was she happy to see him! And he was just as happy to see her - it is a mutual love fest between the two of them!

    I have always said, and will always say, all pet owners should be so lucky to have such a wonderful vet. Ram is the supervet to beat all others.

    He has to weigh her to know how much of the Parkworm shot to give her so I had checked my scales beforehand [Ram weighs himself holding Tikki, then puts her down and checks his weight, deducting it from the total] and they are definitely accurate. Plus they are always put on the same floor tile in my ensuite. Tikki is 6 kilos whereas she had gone up to 6.5 kilos at her last two weigh-ins but as Ram said, she is a strong, healthy, bundle of rock solid bone and muscles, obviously gets more than enough exercise, and he wished all his four-legged clients were like that.

    Tikva loves him? So do I. :D
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