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Discussion in 'Bulldog' started by Mark lewis, Apr 2, 2018.

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    old tyme bulldog

    I am looking at rescuing a 2 1/2 year old old tyme bulldog bitch. I have done my research on the breed and everything couldn't be more perfect for me.....only 1 thing plays on my mind that I don't have a very big back yard about 10ft by 8ft. Even tho walks would be religious Im wondering wether the room is enough. I would implement a extra 20 min walk a day if needs be and she would have a big meadow for a off the lead playtime once a day. Any one can tell me as I only have the her best interests at heart
    Thank you
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    Hi Mark
    We have a dog with no garden at all, just a small balcony second floor up wher he sits and watches the world go by
    If we wanted to “ adopt “ a dog from a rescue Home we wouldn’t pass the criteria
    We bounce out of be and take him for a pee pee and then after that he has two long walks with a bed time pee pee. He seems a very happy dog who lives in a very happy environment
    If you can offer the same I’m sure you will all be happy
    We have dogs in our area that seem to “ live out “ in really big gardens and in my eyes they are not part of the family because they are constantly outside
    Let us know what you decide

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