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Discussion in 'Parson Russell Terrier' started by Westie_N, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Westie_N

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    Parson Russell Terrier - Does anyone have experience of them?

    Intersted to know what these dogs are actually like, both in health and in personality.

    Does anyone have any first hand experience on them or their crosses?

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  3. MissE


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    My Missy is a rough coated parson. (photos in pic section)

    Health wise she's pretty robust - my vet says not much goes wrong with these terriers. She can get inflamed skin if fed too much wheat though.

    Personality wise she is great with adults and children, not really bothered with other dogs. She is all you find on a standard terrier trait list. Feisty, independent, energetic, attention seeking, vocal, guarding ( to the home) and loving to family ( also anyone you say is ok!)
    Needs a job to do, so training is vital, otherwise will make her own mischief. Mine doesn't dig, but others do.

    Unique - every terrier is :grin:
    They do have their own personalities - and sometimes moods. Smart - oh very smart! They need their energy channelled. Missy at 10 still does agility. a tired terrier is a happy terrier - you do have to be prepared for the energy and the smarts they have. You do have to out think them :)

    All that said, I wouldn't be without one, they capture your heart with their mischievousness. :049:
  4. hayleybella

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    The only health Problem mine has had is an Alergic reaction to Onions, but with these avoided she's perfectly healthy!
    I think they should be eye tested, not sure what else.
    This is Ruby.
  5. Trouble

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    I used to have a smooth coated parson I think they're fab little dogs, always up for anything and mine was more than happy to sit under my desk at work, just happy to be with me whatever I was doing. He went everywhere with me.
    I had him from a pup and found him highly intelligent and easy to train.
    He's only fault was bin raking, numerous times we caught him upside down in the bin with just his ankles protruding. He had a bit of a thing for chinese take-away and didn't like to be deprived.
    He was fit upto about 14 when he started to develop canine cognitive disorder,and he also developed a heart problem and 2 days into treatment died suddenly but peacefully in my arms
    A proper little character and sorely missed.
  6. Toby

    Toby New Member

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    As you know I have toby, who is a PRT. He's a clever little dog and I'm sure that someone who knew what they were doing could train him to do all kinds. We take him on holiday with us, he is happy to walk for miles or happy at home or garden. He is also great in the car.

    He can be left for long periods without any problems, he loves people, howeve he is not used to very young children so can't comments on that other than he's ok when we are out walking and we pass kiddies, it's just in the home I am not sure about. He's fine with other dogs and would never start any trouble though he is not afraid to stand up for himself should a dog bother him when he's not wanting it to.

    I don't think he has some of the typical terrier traits, he does not dig up the garden and he's not what you would call exactly fearless, he hates noises such as motobikes, guns shot, they can turn him into a quivering wreck, but that's his own "issues" and not a breed one. However like Missy he does like attention, but hey don't we all :lol:

    As for health, Toby is 6 now and the only thing he has ever had wring with him was a little cyst in between his toes, but no other ailments. i think they are quite a tough little dog, great characters and make a great and funny firend to have around. I would certainly have another :)
  7. JacekPacek

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    I also have two little terrors and wouldnt want to be eithout one ever again.
    They are really agile little characters, loving every action you provide for them. crazy for water (mostly. i think Toby wouldnt agree would he? :lol:), and very very energetic. love to work and have to work or they become destructive and in the end lethargic and very sad little dogs.

    as i have seen from my parsons and parsons my friend have, you have to watch over them so they dont hurt themselves. my dogs just dont have feeling for that. he wil jump and climb everywhere he desires eventough it might be too much or too dangerous for them.
    for that reason, i never let them be unsupervised on the garden or on the walk, as i can never be sure what they will be up to.

    as for the haelth wise, they need to be eye tested for lens luxation and knee tested for patellar luxation. Parson population here in Slovenia isn't very large, maybe 100-150 dogs, but noone of them has problems with patellas nor eyes. yet there are only purebreeds here so far, as only now for the past few months they are becomming to be modern fashion accesories, and non pedigree parsons will be produced (saddly, as with many other breeds:-( )

    as for my two dogs are concerned, one is as healthy as it can be. no allergies, no inherrited disseases (so far) and he is a little under two years.
    the older one has some sort of epilepsy, but he came from terrible (in)famous breeder and was produced by inbreeding bother to sister. other than that, no intolerances to foods etc.

    oops, i got carried away:blush:
  8. bunnygirl8

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    my sister in law has 2 jrts and prt the prts only have to have there eyes tested hun, they are both very robust and hardy dogs i love both breeds and are great dogs. :)
  9. tommo989

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    i have a little parson called bailey, got him from a rescue centre aged 3, hes a real little character full of energy and really affectionate to people and other dogs, has all the common traits of the working terrier and loves having something to do. he also like to go with me every where even if its a short trip in the car he'll run and jump in.
    (this is my first post btw hope its ok)
  10. Loki's mum

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    I walk a Parson and she's lovely. Great little dogs with tons of potential - you could teach one anything! Hardy and healthy too.
  11. Ben Mcfuzzylugs

    Ben Mcfuzzylugs

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    oh apparently I have to make the message longer - why isnt enough - there lets see if this posts

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