Pied frenchie health query Questions

Discussion in 'French Bulldog' started by Nutcracker8619, Aug 9, 2018.

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    Pied frenchie health query

    Hi we recently got a cute male Frenchie. He is pied, mostly white with a blue patch over his left eyes and around his tale. He also has blue/green eyes.
    I am worried he may be prone to blindness and deafness. His hearing is great at the moment.
    He has got a lot of black spots under his white coat and on his ears so I’m hoping he has enough pigment. Can anyone with experience or knowledge shed some light on this for me please? I have read stories on google which I’m hoping are not true to all frenchies
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    I have no specialist Frenchie knowledge but here goes .....
    Most white headed dogs have the potential to be deaf as the genes for these two expressions are often linked. However, to the best of my knowledge, these puppies are actually born deaf, it is not a progressive condition. If you have doubts about your puppy's hearing, there is a test, (a Baer test), which can be done by a vet. On the plus side, any decent sized patch of pigmented hair is usually thought to be a protective sign.
    Blue/green eyes are thought to be a sign that a dog is carrying the merle gene - A colour which is classed as non standard by the KC in many breeds, Frenchies included. The merle gene must never be doubled up as it often produces puppies with malformed eyes, (and sometimes deafness). There is a belief that blue and blue/green eyes are not as strong as brown eyes. How true this is I don't know, but I have never heard the Husky folk complaining about their dog's eyesight!
    Had the parents of your puppy had any health tests, and if so did you see the certificates? Your best chance of a sound puppy is by buying from an experienced breeder who is a breed club member, (they must sign up to a code of ethics), and carries out the recommended health tests for the breed - see The French Bulldog Health Scheme.
    I really hope that you have a healthy puppy, and the chances are that you are worrying unnecessarily - but if you do have any niggling doubts, ask your vet for an opinion.
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    Hello and welcome to Breedia to you and your new puppa from Tikva and me. :039:

    I wish I could give you advice but I do not have the expertise - I just wanted to welcome you!

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