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Discussion in 'Pomeranian' started by Madsenzoo, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Hello Everybody,
    I am new here & I am still trying to figure this out ;-). My name is Ashley & my fiancé is Matt, we have 2 Pomeranians Ellie & Callie. Ellie is the one we are worried about at the moment, she had fallen about a month ago and has been limping on and off. The situation has worsened recently so we had x-rays done which came back clear,vet said it was inflammation. We had gotten anti-inflammatory and Tramadol. Within the last few day it had gotten even worse and vet can't tell us anything but inflammation and swelling which now she is on anti inflammatory and Gabapentin. They told me not to wrap her leg and paw but I am doing it anyway because they want her to have no activity outside and a lot of rest. Can anyone help us who has been in a similar situation, please!

    Thank you kindly
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    I have had a Löwchen who had a spinal injury which necessitated six weeks of cage rest, so I do know how you are feeling. As your vet has said, rest is what is needed for these soft tissue injuries. Pain killers will mask the symptoms and make Ellie appear to be better, but it is the rest which will actually let her body heal. A crate, or a puppy pen, is the best way of restricting her activity while this takes place.
    You could ask your vet if they could recommend a canine physiotherapist. Personally, I would not wrap the leg unless I was told to do so. Best wishes.

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