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Discussion in 'Pug' started by Ali_and_Poppy, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Pug Puppy acne

    Hi all, my pug poppy has had spots around her nose wrinkles more or less since we got her.she's 15 months now and is still getting these spots. The vet has said its puppy acne...we have tried all sorts to get rid of them including malacetic wipes, creams and antibiotic tablets. The tablets clear the spots up but as soon as we stop giving her them they come back! Has any other pug owners experienced this?? Thanks xx
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    I'd like to know too, my pug puppy is 14 wks old and he has a pimple on his chin.
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    I have a Chinese Crested PowderPuff Male 5years old. I took him to Banfield animal hospital because my hands would itch white spots then little circles. They said reaction to flea bites and would not look at the pimple on his thigh. Today he has 2 pimples on the side of his pee-pee. I have been buying lotrimin cream spray powder for me since May orJune of this year. Should I put lotrimin on the pimples the dog has? I have had several animals over the years[I'm 50yrs]. Chubbs[the female cat R.I.P.] was infested with fleas. my hands never broke out. Can anyone recommend a vet who listens instead of ignoring? I used the 8 in 1 and the D-wormer.

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